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Here we hope to show video footage of one of our kite nests. The kites have just about finished refurbishing the nest. Here's to a successful breeding season.

We know kites love to bring white material into the nest here is the male doing some decorating.


 Here he is getting some help from his partner


 You know that feeling when you buy a new bed and you realise it's just a bit too big to get in the house


 We forget how hard a life our kites can have here is our female trying to snuggle into the nest when it is snowing

 And here she is just waking up after a freezing night on the nest looking really sorry for herself


The nest refurbishing was still going on Notice the addition of more white material


 And the male still seems to think bigger is better


Exciting News three eggs have been laid


Both parents are still doing a great job of looking after the three eggs 


 The male still has an obsession with bringing in white items although this is pretty typical of Kites


 But now changes tack and brings in a black random item. This looks like a glove. We have no idea where he may have found this but we do know they bring in all kinds of items. 


 We now have two chicks on the nest. There were three eggs but as suspected the third one does not look like it has hatched as it was laid a week after the first two. The first chick was born in the early hours of Sunday morning the second sometime after 12.00 on Monday.



 Both parents feeding the two chicks


 Both parents are doing a brilliant job at feeding the chicks


 Mam feeding chicks


 Kite Chicks at 17 days old


 Chicks at 21 days old already know to keep quite and keep low when there are no parents around

 At 22 days they are really getting big and getting used to their wings. Notice though how one is smaller than the other. The larger chick has been getting fed much more. Lets hope he or she will be ok